Barry Manilow Who Needs You? Lyrics

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Barry Manilow Song

Who Needs You?

Lyrics to Who Needs You?

Wherever I go
You’re leanin’ on me
What I gotta do

Who I gotta be
You’re claimin’ you made me

Built me up high
So go make another
Let’s see you try

You’re feeling important
Yeah, walkin’ real tall
In tight with me, right
You come when I call
Yeah, you with the blackberry
You with the phone
When you’re here beside me
I know I’m alone

Who needs you?
Take a hike
I know where I’m headed
I know what they like
I know who I am
I know what I do
What have you got for me?
Who needs you?

Seen it all
Done it all twice!
I mean it man,
I win!

Concerned as my friend
Yeah, I know what you mean
I’m nobody’s friend
I’m your money machine
Who paid for the room?
Who paid for the ride?
Who paid for that girl
You got waitin’ outside?


Nothin’ in the mirror
Just a wall behind me
I’m everywhere
Cause I’m god!

I can stop when I want to
I can stop when I want to
Don’t wanna hear it
I’m in control

Who Needs You? Lyrics

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