Blutengel Angel Of The Night Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

Angel Of The Night

Lyrics to Angel Of The Night

Angel of the night
In my mind you’re by my side
See you – wherever you are

I feel you’re touching my skin
The time stands still just for us

Without you there’s no hope in my darkness

You give me the moment
Which is never ending
Let me feel your heart
And I’ll go with you to the end of this world

My angel of the night
I’m forever by your side fly with me to eternity
hold me in your arms and kiss me
I close my eyes and dream with you
Carry me so far away
Never let me down and kiss me

Angel of the night
Unite in one soul
You lead me on the way, the way of our shadows
Show me your burning desire
I follow you
I follow you into the garden of pleasures

Angel Of The Night Lyrics

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