Blutengel Angels Of The Dark Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

Angels Of The Dark

Lyrics to Angels Of The Dark

you’re walking through the streets at night
and your heart is full of pain
you don’t know where to go

your life is full of hate and fears

you feel so lost and you feel alone
you’re looking for a change in your life

you hate to feel a human feeling
you hate to be so sick and weak
you don’t deserve a life like this

you’re so much better and you’re so different
you don’t believe in what they do
i know that you are one of us

we are the angels of the dark
we’re everything you ever need
we have the darkness on our side
it will guide us to a better life

no more fear and no more pain
we will protect you eternally
the only price you have to pay
is to leave this world behind

the world is dying without faith
only we will win this game
you will find a better life
in our world without sacrifice

Angels Of The Dark Lyrics

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