Blutengel Beauty And Delight Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

Beauty And Delight

Lyrics to Beauty And Delight

Let us change your life.
You only have to close your eyes.
You will see the beauty and delight.

Is it real or just a dream?

Bleeding wounds, souls without life.
Days are gone and no return
There is nothing to regret.

Sleepless nights – a nightmare will win.
Burning eyes and bloody lips
Skin so white, see the fact
Immortal life forever.

No more light and no more days
Our youth will never die
Night is the only place for us
The beauty lives forever.

We’re walking through a world of beauty and delight.
We’re searching for the one who is sharing our life.
We’re living in the night and we spread our wings to fly.
We’re suffering in the dark so that no one sees our tears.

Come with us, we’ll show you lust
Close your eyes and feel this life
Fear is gone and pleasure wins
There is nothing to regret.

Time is right to realize
We are creatures of the dark
We feel the same and live our dreams
Of beauty and delight.

Beauty And Delight Lyrics

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