Blutengel Beauty Of Suffering Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

Beauty Of Suffering

Lyrics to Beauty Of Suffering

ist der Eintritt ins Reich des Bá¶sen.
Es ist Zeit die Pforten

zum Reich des Bá¶sen zu á¶ffnen.

you and i – forever in darkness.
you are my queen of forbidden pleasures.
i need your body – your blood and bones.
i want your fear – i trink your tears.

i am the master of darkness.
i’ll take you to my kingdom of flesh
you can trust me ’cause i will show you
the beauty of suffering

come into my kingdom – come into my world.

your pale sweet body put’s fire in my vains.
i can smell your blood – i can smell your lust.
tonight is my night – the night without shadows.
we have nothing to hide. we celebrate our pleasures.

Beauty Of Suffering Lyrics

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