Blutengel Cursed Lyrics

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Blutengel Song


Lyrics to Cursed

Our time is passing by too fast
Don`t fight the destiny
The world stands still for tonight

Don`t let me go

Forget the sarrow and the fear
In dreams I`ll stay with you
Tomorrow`s still so far away
Guide me through my painful life

I kiss the tears from your skin
There`s no escape for us
I hold you till the morning comes
I`m falling apart in this dark cold night
Must let you go

I curse the day
I curse the night
Our love will be lost forever
I will never be by your side

I close my eyes,don`t want to see
I never knew this could happen to me
I stay alive but tell my why
You saved my soul
I`m always yours

Cursed Lyrics

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