Blutengel Falling Lyrics

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Blutengel Song


Lyrics to Falling

There is something inside me.
I can´t explain the way I feel,
I feel about you.

Everytime time you´re by my side,
I feel whole, I feel free,

Cause what I’ve got, is what I see.

I will hold you when you fall.
I will be there when you call.
I keep the demons far away from you.
I give you everything I own,
you don´t have to be alone,
as long as you don´t fall in love with me.

There is something wrong with you.
You can´t see the fear inside of me.
You wish you could..
You can´t hold me when I fall,
you can´t help me when I craw.
You would do everything for me.

Falling Lyrics

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