Blutengel In The Shadows Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

In The Shadows

Lyrics to In The Shadows

In the shadows of the darkest nightsWe will find your hearts and never let them dieWe will give them all the love they’ll need to live

Give them wings that they can fly away

You always fell alone and you’re waiting for salvation
You see your dying dreams, you raise your hands into the sky
But when the pain inside will grow we will show you the way
You’ll never walk alone we are always by your side

You try to close your eyes but you’re afraid of what you’ll see
The sorrow in your life destroys your mind, your memories
But when the fear begins to hurt we will rescue your soul
We’ll never let you down, we are always in your heart

In the shadows of the darkest nights
You will find your way, come take our hands and fly
To a place that only we can see
Don’t be afraid there’s no more misery

In The Shadows Lyrics

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