Blutengel My Darkest Nights Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

My Darkest Nights

Lyrics to My Darkest Nights

I wake up in the nightI feel loneliness insideI go down to the sea

And I wait for you to comeI lay down in the grass

And I dream myself away
I can’t wait anymore
Please come and set me free

Take me away
Bring me a dream
I will leave reality
I’ll be with you
Close to the edge
Of my strangest fantasies
I’m feeling free
I touch the light
On my never ending fall
I have no fear
Cause you wait for me
On the edge of my darkest nights

Here I am
Can’t you see
I’m just waiting for your touch
See me here
Fell the pain
I lay all my trust in you
Take me away
Bury my past
Nothing keeps me here anymore
Give me your kiss of death
Let me fly away with you

My Darkest Nights Lyrics

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