Blutengel Nightfall Lyrics

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Lyrics to Nightfall

How do you dream when I cross the lineHow do you sleep when you hear me cryHow do you feel when you taste my tears

When I wave good-byeGood-Bye

Who can say when the rain will fall and my night turns into the day
Who can tell me reasons, reasons here to stay

What does it taste like when you drink my tears
Where do the stars lead me like this night
Will you remember my name and me when you are alone
I say good-bye

I’m falling down – I wonder why
I’m falling down – And try to hide
I’m falling down – Like a cried tear
I’m falling down – Cos you are not here

I’m falling down – You’ve lost your way
I’m falling down – I try to stay
I’m falling down – Till the end of time
I’m falling down – In this endless night

Nightfall Lyrics

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