Blutengel Second Chance Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

Second Chance

Lyrics to Second Chance

I’m sitting in my room alone
And I’m thinking of my past
I’m asking me, what would be

If I could live my life again
Would there be a better now?

Or would everything be the same?

Would you be still in love with me?
Did I hurt you like I did?
Will I feel these feelings for you?
Will I be in love with someone else?
I wish I could change the time
I wish I had a second chance

Take me to the place I was born
Let me see my youth again
I wish that I could start anew
Don’t want to make these mistakes again
Let me live my life again
For I could be a better man
Everything I have done wrong
Would no longer exist between us

Second Chance Lyrics

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