Blutengel Secret Places Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

Secret Places

Lyrics to Secret Places

I will follow him – I will follow himI’m lost in thoughts while I am walking through the rain

I can not grasp what has happened in the pastI feel this coldness deep inside my lonely life

But I can see a face those healthy eyes a heart that will save my soul

I will follow him – I will follow him

He is the saviour of my broken heart
I feel salvation by his side
But when the day is gone
And the night has come
I wish that he’ll never let me go

He is the saviour of my dying soul
I see a bright light in his eyes
He takes my hand and says:
Free your mind
And follow me into my world

It’s a new dawn and all my nightmares are far away
I open my eyes and feel a warm breeze on my skin
And in the distance I hear a never ending call
He is my leader and I will follow him where ever he may go

Show me places where I’ve never been before
Secret places where a light shall shine so bright
We’ll leave the shadows behind when we’ll fly away
This is the sign that I’m waiting for

Secret Places Lyrics

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