Blutengel Silent Tears (For You) Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

Silent Tears (For You)

Lyrics to Silent Tears (For You)

I know the darkness is your leader
There’s no light inside your heart
I can’t forget that your depression

Breaks my love apart

I spread my wings against the shadow
My love would really light your shades
And I wish I could forgive you
But every day it’s still the same

But still our love is not forever
Seems like a never-ending war
You can’t repair my bleeding soul
‘Cos no one hurts like you, my dear

And I will never fly with you
Never you should see me fly
I never told my dreams to you
You can never see in my eyes
But in my tears, they sound so bitter
All my love and all my dreams
I realise I can’t stand your coldness
I realise ’til I hate, my dear

Silent Tears (For You) Lyrics

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