Blutengel The Dream Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

The Dream

Lyrics to The Dream

You see those faces slowly passing byTheir scary eyes are full of hateDeep in your heart you feel a creeping pain

It feels like needles in your skin

For you, there’s only one way. Is this the point of no return?
When you close your eyes, you realize that your dreams will not come true
You wish you could be someone else, the one who’ll take the fear away
And you’re waiting for the moment in which you’ll see the never ending light

When you’re alone you feel the ghosts inside
You hear those voices in your head
You curse the world
and all it’s endless lies
When will your sorrow finally end?

Is there a god who can hear our cry?
Is there a god who can rescue our souls?

The Dream Lyrics

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