Blutengel The End Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

The End

Lyrics to The End

Waiting for Silence.
Waiting for the night.
Where is my heaven?

Suddenly there’s a light.
I wake from a nightmare.

Every night’s the same.
A garden of pleasures.
I see my soul in flames

Searching for silence.
Searching for the night.
Dreams of salvation.
I’m determined to give up.
I pray for an answer.
Every night’s the same.
A tear for my memories.
My life is passing by.

In silent moments, lost in dreams,
So tired of this endless pain.
Where is my sun, where is the light?
A stranger is always by me side.
He kills my heart, my inner flame.
Is this the end? I wanna die.
I hear the angels call my name.
I spread my wings and try to fly.

The End Lyrics

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