Blutengel The Princess Lyrics

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Blutengel Song

The Princess

Lyrics to The Princess

Frozen landscapes, flowers made of iceI see her traces in the snowI am waiting for this winter night

Will she come to rescue meIs it time to go

She is the princess and her heart is made of ice
But there is no coldness in her soul
She tries to heal my eternal pain

She is the princess in a world so full of tears
But there is no bitterness in her words
She takes my hand to show me love

I hear her voice, it’s pure and full of hope
I see the bright moon in the sky
I am searching for her eyes and wish
That she will melt the snow in my heart

I wish to sleep again to dream her fairytale once more
To feel her endless grace, she’ll find the doubt inside me
Let me dream

The Princess Lyrics

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