Bon Jovi Cold Hard Heart Lyrics

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Bon Jovi Song

Cold Hard Heart

Lyrics to Cold Hard Heart

You said you loved to watch me sleep
You put your head down on my chest
To hear my breath
Go on, take my last breath from me
I don’t want to live no more
And cut my eyes so I can’t see
I can’t see you looking back as you walk out the door
Cold, hard heart
Cold, cruel heart
What’s it gonna take
To break your cold, hard heart
I was a lover lost at sea
You found me washed up on the beach
You took me home, you gave me breakfast
I said I’d offer you protection, but you didn’t charge a fee
CHORUS (x 2)
What are you hiding underneath that shirt
If you’re the one to run babe
Then you don’t feel the hurt
Her hair so brown, and eyes so green
You used to say I made good company
She’d bring me wine and sip her tea
Then you’d give yourself what you could give to me
CHORUS (x 2)
What’s it gonna take

Cold Hard Heart Lyrics

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