Bon Jovi I’m Your Man Lyrics

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Bon Jovi Song

I’m Your Man

Lyrics to I’m Your Man

When your heart is hungry
When you want a secret you can keep
You know that you can call me

Anytime for anything you need

No one asking questions
No need for alibis
No need for wasting words
I’m who I am
I’m your man

No job that I can’t handle
There ain’t much that I ain’t done
I’ll be that one call that you get
When you can’t call no one
When the room is dark and empty
There’s no need to explain
Baby I’ll come running, here I am
I’m your man

We know not to ask questions
So no one has to lie
We both know without hello
There won’t be no goodbyes
No promises that we won’t keep
No more to understand
Tonight you’re my woman and I’m your man
I’m your man

We both know we’re lonely
When we hold each other tight
But we won’t ask forgiveness
When we walk away at night

No one asking questions
No need for alibis
No need to say those words
Just take my hand
I’m your man

I’m Your Man Lyrics

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