Boyz II Men All Night Long Lyrics

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Boyz II Men Song

All Night Long

Lyrics to All Night Long

Written by Boyz II Men, Keith Crouch, and John “Jubu” Smith


You say the things you feel are right
But I feel those things are wrong

And for that we fight all night long
If you knew all the things I knew
Walked a mile inside my shoes
It could make our love flow all night long

There you go
Trippin’ on the things I say
‘Cause things ain’t going your way
Friends say I should leave
But love forces me to stay
I try
Try to give you all of my time
Still I feel denied
And when we fuss and fight I keep askin’ myself why

First Bridge:
Every single day I pray that we can make things right
‘Cause when it seems we’re going somewhere
Problems seem to arise
What must we do
Do to make each other see
This relationship should be
All about me for you
And you for me


What’s the deal
Do you ever feel the things I feel
I try to keep our lovein’ for real
Even when it seems we don’t see eye to eye
You know
I never wanna see you go
‘Cause you’re the best I’ve ever known
So tell me just how long it’s gonna take to be

Second Bridge:
Happy every day and every night just like we should
‘Cause to be happy with you all my life I know I could
What must I do
Do to make you trust in my
Is that a possibility
Don’t you know that it hurts me when we disagree


B Section:
Baby today
We’ll put the past behind
Let’s not waste no time
We can do it ohh all night
I like it when you do the things you do to me all night


All Night Long Lyrics

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