Boyz II Men Do They Know Lyrics

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Boyz II Men Song

Do They Know

Lyrics to Do They Know

Do they know
That Jesus was born on this day to save our lives
Do they know

That he carried the sins of the world upon his heart
So that you and I could live

And we’d have an alternative
In this life

Do they know what this day means
Do they know where we’ve been and how it should be
Tell me do they know
Do they know we should love one another
Do they know
The world will be alright only if they know

Do they know
That sharing love to each other is how we all should live
Do they know
That the reason for giving is more than what you give
And to you and yours this day
On a very special holiday
Give your love


And Lord if they know
Keep them in your care
Keep them inside your heart
And help them spread the word

Chorus (repeats to fade)

Do They Know Lyrics

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