Boyz II Men I Sit Away Lyrics

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Boyz II Men Song

I Sit Away

Lyrics to I Sit Away

Written by Tony Rich

Who says the sea can’t move in winter

Or clouds stand still in a storm
We says a man can’t cry and be lonely

Who says a man can’t tend to be bored

And if you could see inside my heart
You would see loneliness
And if I could show you my mind
You would be depressed

Said I sit away lonely
And I get away only in my mind
Said I sit away lonely
And I get away sometimes

So I gather my things
And be on my way
Into my lonely place
Said I’m feelin’ lonely and lonesome
And I just need to get away

And if you could know what I’m afraid of
You would be frightened
And if you could feel the pain that
I’m feelin’
Then you would know why, I


Sit away
Said I get away
Said I sit away
Said I sit away

Why do I feel
Like I will never be loved again
There I go
Back in my mood again
Lonely, lonely


I Sit Away Lyrics

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