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Boyz II Men Song


Lyrics to Muzak

(feat. Atsushi)

She Came To Me Like A Thief In The Night

And Whispered In My Ear
She Had My Undivided Attention

And Told Me Everything I Wanted To Hear

She Said That She Wanted To Give Me A Gift
And That She’d Give It To The Rest Of The World
No Matter How Many People Hear It
She Would Always Be My Girl

She Makes Me Want To Say…la La La La La La La La La

Sometimes She’s Smooth, Sometimes She’s Rough
And I Love To See Her Rock
Sometimes She’s A Little Alternative
Bu Nowadays She’s More Hip Hop

No Matter How You Interpret Her
She’s Always At The Top Of The Chart
And If You Look Around And She Can’t Be Found
You Can Always Find Her Deep In Your Heart…music

I Can’t Help Myself…i Love Her, She’s My Everything
I Won’t Ever Be Without Her…she’s The Reason Why I Sing
I Can’t Help Myself I Love Her, What She Does To Me
Makes Me Feel So Good About Her…music Is My Everything
Very Rarely Does She Disappoint
She Always Says Something Good To Me
Whoever Wrote The Words That Come Out Of Her Mouth
They Know Just How To Get To Me
Well She’s My Muse And I Get Sick To My Stomach
When Somebody Disrespects
They Don’t Value Her Opinion
They Just Use Her For Her Sex
She’s Beautiful, Sensual And I Love The Way Her Body Works
Sometimes She Makes Me Happy
And Sometimes Her Message Hurts

No Matter What She Says To Me
I’ll Always Be Around
Some Will Say She Lost Her Way
But Here Is Where She’s Found…music

When She Was Young And Comin Up
Nobody Really Knew Where She Would Go
But Now She’s Really Opened Up
And Now The Whole World Can Feel Here…don’t You Feel Her



Now If You’re Booed Up With Your Baby
This Is What You Say
Say Baby, Don’t Go Nowhere
And I Promise I’ll Stay

Let Me Hear You Say… [adlib]

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