Boyz II Men Right On Time Lyrics

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Boyz II Men Song

Right On Time

Lyrics to Right On Time

(Spoken: Honey, come here
I wanna show you something
You know it. Listen)

Been away thirty days, now I’m home

And I’m here to stay
I’ve been thinking things have been gone
But you already know cause I told you on the telephone
I remember your fingers, do you remember my hand
We’d hold as we could, cause that’s all we can
When we’re apart, you got my heart
But when we’re together, you have all of me baby

Uhh, I got you
Uhh, you’re mine
Uhh, we’re at ritual
Your love is right on time

Stop, stay where you are
Coming to you
All those things we talked about baby
I wanna do to you
So take off your clothes
Leave the other door open
But keep on your shoes
One leg upon the table
On your back
Look at me and smile
Cause you know what I’m about to do

This is so good I know
I know it feels right
I wish this thing could last forever
Oh yes
What you can stand
Cause my eyes thought away

Right On Time Lyrics

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