Boyz II Men The Last Time Lyrics

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Boyz II Men Song

The Last Time

Lyrics to The Last Time

Can’t believe that i’m never gonna see you again after tonight
Gonna lose my lover and my best friend, this can’t be right
But it’s the way that it has to be

I guess you’re not supposed to be with me
Tonight is the end, forever starts tomorrow

i just hope i get passes the sorrow

It’s like my ego’s too bruised to be deflated
Cause the real is that i love you, and i hate it
I knew this day would come, wish it would have waited
Tonight that’s the reason why i hesitated
So here we go as i kiss your cheek

You know that’s how i always do before i get deep
i hold you tighter than i usually do
Cause the next person i hold will not be you

But you’re her right in front of me
And when we’re over and i know you gonna leave
Yes it’s hard for me to believe
This could be the last time we do it
Open up your smile and let me be
Drain the spirit that you feel for me
Even though it won’t change a thing
(Cause) this will be the last time we’re making love

I talk a good games so my boys could hear it
But in my quiet time i really feel it
(A) sad song and a drink is my company
Seems like loneliness is my destiny
i want this to last forever, don’t want to be done
Don’t want to move on
I don’t want to come
That’s a dream that will soon pass away
Remember tomorrow… like its yesterday


I wish there were a way to explain
Believe it… how can i enjoy the pain when i know you are leaving
And it’s a shame we had to get to the end
To get to the sex that we made when we first begann

It’s over you’re holdin me i’m touching you
It’s over you’re kissin me, i’m missing you

I close my eyes cause i don’t want to see you go away
from me
I don’t want to miss being here with me



The Last Time Lyrics

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