Boyz II Men Trying Times Lyrics

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Boyz II Men Song

Trying Times

Lyrics to Trying Times

Written by Wanya, Tim Kelley & Bob Robinson

Baby I’m so glad you’re here

‘Cause I have so many thing to tell you
So many things to talk to you about

‘Cause your the strength I hold onto
And I hope I’m the strength that you hold onto
So we can strive together and be perfect
Til’ death do us part

The nights gone the morning’s here
And soon it’s time to talk about
Where we stand and where we plan
To be in life long years I need to know
I keep crying tears of joy
I guess that’s why you’re put here for
To change these tears of pain
To tears of happiness

Through the trying times
Trying to get the best of me
I’m still finding time to show I care
With my crying eyes
I see contentment because of you

Trials and tribulations build up walls
In front of faces made of stone
Yet we stand strong enough
To break the walls down to journey on
But I know if we just bond our hearts
There will be nothing that will stand in our way
And we’ll be together forever and a day

Trying Times Lyrics

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