Boyz II Men Uhh Ahh Lyrics

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Boyz II Men Song

Uhh Ahh

Lyrics to Uhh Ahh

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1Injection fellas[Chorus]Uhh AhhUhh AhhUhh AhhUhh AhhThe love I have right next to meIs here and always will beI’m caressing your body emotionallyAs you can feel and will seeWhy can’t we go all the way to the topThe fullest extremeThe sounds are here when you’re with meExpress the way that you feelAnd you say…[Chorus]In a passionate set we’re moving closeThe love that we share is the sameI can tell when I reach down deep insideYou show it when you call out my nameSqueezing you tight and holding you closeIs all I feel insideAlthough I try to hold in my loveIt’s something that I just can’t hide[Chorus] – twice[Mike’s monolauge]The music is lowThe lights are dim, there we liePassion overflowsWith every look in your eyesInfatuation, lust and a lot loveSweet caresses and yes’ to me as you rubAnd clench my backEcstacy fills the airAs you kiss on my neckAnd stroke the back of my hairTo hold you tonihgtI feel this is my dutyTo grasp, to hold, to rock that booty[Chorus] – fades out

Uhh Ahh Lyrics

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