Boyz II Men Visions Of A Sunset Lyrics

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Boyz II Men Song

Visions Of A Sunset

Lyrics to Visions Of A Sunset

From Mr. Holland’s Opus soundtrack

Oh Yeah

Lived all my days trying to embrace
Life with my heart by all the beauty

I feel and create it spins and moves
Flows at my pace telling its story
From the tear running down my face

Visions of a sunset just appear when
I close my eyes
Takes my closer to heaven when the
Flute starts to fly
And the violin cries

Confusion leaves while peace
Orchestrates runs through my
Veins and in other seekers it
Penetrates my reason why
The big city air smells so
Sweet takes me through journeys
In time from my youth to as
Far as I can see


It’s all I need in my life
It’s all I need and no one
Can take your place by my side
You’re all inside of me


We’ll free from all sorrow
Like the wind blows from the sky
Takes me closer to
Heaven when the
Flute starts to fly

Visions Of A Sunset Lyrics

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