Boyz II Men You Don’t Love Me Lyrics

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Boyz II Men Song

You Don’t Love Me

Lyrics to You Don’t Love Me

I don’t think I know the definition of love
Cause what you say it is and what I’m thinkin of
You say you want a good man and

But when you got one you don’t know how to handle it…

Bitta sistas what you’ve become
I was tryin to be the mister to make you come to your senses
But you wanted to be happy
That’s the main reason why you got at me

Cause you know I’m an earner
Legal dough… not a crook with a burner
You can’t understand what kind of love I give
You never got over your last relationship

I showed how you should be done
Before me… niggas use to smash and run
You ain’t tryin, stop lyin
You never cared and I don’t even know why I’m here.

You don’t love me
I took you outta the club to live lavishly
You don’t love me
How could you ever take advantage of me
You don’t love me
Everything you are girl I made you
You don’t love me
You never loved me

Your old dude used to hold you down and beat you
I was trying to hold you down and treat ya
To shopping sprees, jewels, cars and cruses,
All this without the scares and bruises.

With him all you show is signs of meekness
May have took my kindness for weakness
Also because I don’t lay hands
But that don’t make me less of a man

Be easy you’re being disrespectful
Don’t get it twisted
I will check you
Why are chicks in check when dudes treat ’em like shit
And good dudes get no love

You don’t love me
You’re gonna miss me girl when I’m gone
You don’t love me
Gonna remember what you did wrong
You don’t love me
Never gonna find nobody like me
You don’t love me
You never loved me

If you really loved me
Girl it would show
But you’ve been flippin on me
Now you gotta go
Don’t let nothing that I bought you walk out the door
Cause I don’t want you no more
I don’t want you no more


You Don’t Love Me Lyrics

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