Cassie RockaByeBaby Lyrics

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Lyrics to RockaByeBaby

Rock-a-Bye Baby…

[Verse 1:]

Already got the pen with the crown
So pull motherfucker cocked to the side

Mink to the ground
Yeah Mink to the ground like the motherfucker drag on the floor
Got a runway strut even when a bitch walking to the store
But a bitch never walking
But a bitch never walkin that’s why
I’m outta here, left you
Giuseppe smell like Jack fuel [?]
Bitches exit stage left
Couldn’t step in my left shoe
Like Left Eye I burn it down
Queen Latifah, I set it off
They copy my every move
So it’s rockabye ‘till your head is off

We be shinin like a diamond that your money can’t buy
Search for a high that you’re never gon’ find
I ain’t got time, tryna get mine
Ridin shotgun and I’m killin it
Bye-bye (baby), rock-a-bye bye (baby)
Bye, rock-a-bye (baby), rock-a-bye bye (baby)
Bye, rock-a-bye (baby), Bye, rock-a-bye (baby)
Bye-bye (baby), rock-a-bye bye (baby)

[Verse 2:]
I blow her brains out and hop on the truck
No talk, no dough
You know those on the motherfuckin ride…
Got my Gaga, poker face
And these weak bitches gon’ fold up
So you better play your hand


RockaByeBaby Lyrics

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