Cassie Soldier 4 Your Love Lyrics

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Cassie Song

Soldier 4 Your Love

Lyrics to Soldier 4 Your Love

[Verse 1:]
it’s funny when you find the truth
hidden somewhere
that you never even thought to look
but then it’s right there
starin’ you in the face
you can’t run nowhere
’cause you’ve waited so long for someone to love
they’re finally here
what about love
what about faith
what about trustin’ that the one you got
is with you all the way
what about us
forgivin’ mistakes
’cause baby you know that my heart is yours
I’m with you all the way
’cause I’m a soldier for your love
and I’m gon’ ride and I’m gon’ ride
I ain’t gon’ never give you up
it’s do or die, it’s do or die
so when the winds rush
or the rain it pours
it all falls down around
I’ll be that soldier 4 your love
I’ll hold you down, I’ll hold you down
[Verse 2:]
people say that I’m a fool
for lovin’ someone who
doesn’t play by the rules
(but they don’t know you)
it’s always easy to judge a book by it’s cover
’cause they don’t understand
that you’re the only one for me there’s no other man
and I’m with you till the end
when the rain (it falls, it falls, it falls)
and when you need me (just call, just call, just call)
and what you need, yeah (I got, I got, I got)
’cause I won’t give up (give up)
’cause I’m a soldier 4 your love

Soldier 4 Your Love Lyrics

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