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Cassie Song

Turn Up

Lyrics to Turn Up

[feat. Meek Mill]

[Intro: Cassie]
I know you love my body, babe – yeah

I know you love my body, babe – yeah
I know you love my body, babe – yeah yeah, yeah yeah

[Hook: Cassie]
Turn up…
Turn up…

[Verse 1: Cassie]
Money on my mind – Bonnie, you be Clyde
Don’t you wanna ride or die? ‘Cause I keep it tight
Work a 9-5, he be on his grind
Red-bottoms and Louboutins, you know the things I like
Give me all your money ’cause they don’t do it like I
Hundred bottles I pour every night, yeah…
Always on your mind – just a matter of time
Bad bitches they linking up – shorty, when they see I
Let me tell you something that these girls are scared to tell you
Yeah, it’s all for you, so you know you’re supposed to
Give me all your time, tell me that you’re mine
Yellow tape outside – white chalk the lines

[Hook: Cassie]

[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
I pull up on niggas – murder scene, murder scene
… pushin’ that 911 – emergency, emergency
Say nigga, I ain’t never heard of you
Bet my life you’ve heard of me
Bet you’ve heard I spit hot shit and I burn niggas, third degree
Just zappers on ’em, no strap – I ain’t gon’ hold back
All I do is throw racks – all these hoes know that
My pockets lookin’ like ADS shocks, these pockets on me so fat
These diamonds on me they picture perfect
They flash, nigga, call that
All I know is turn up – bottles, ’bout to burn up
And it’s blood all on my bitch shoes like she just caught a murder
And I’m gettin’ money, word up
I’m ballin’, nigga, word up
And when it come to these hoes, I hit bitches, I turn up

[Hook: Cassie]

Turn Up Lyrics

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