Chaka Khan Baby Me Lyrics

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Chaka Khan Song

Baby Me

Lyrics to Baby Me

(Holly Knight and Billy Steinberg)

Baby, there’s somethin’ I like about you

You make me feel so wild and free
I don’t know what you’ve been through

You’re just crazy enough for me
And when you touch me I come undone
Do you do that to everyone?

Baby me, I’ll baby you
I know that you’re a big baby too
This world is crazy, you need someone to coo
Baby me and I’ll baby you
Ooh, I’ll baby you

It’s past my bedtime, I can’t sleep alone
Lay down beside me, I’ll pull out the phone
Take me in your arms and rock me tonight
I’ll tell you a story if you hold me tight
‘Cause when you touch me I come undone
You better not do that to everyone!

Baby Me Lyrics

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