Elvis Costello & the Attractions King Horse Lyrics

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Elvis Costello & the Attractions Song
King Horse
Lyrics to King Horse
Cheap cut satin and bad perfumeShowtime is almost hereTeased up by a strip cartoon
Laughing up your sleeveSniggering in your beer
He`d seen the bottom of a lot of glasses
But he`d never seen love so near
He`d seen love get so expensive
But he`d never seen love get so dear
Now I know that you`re all King Horse
Between tenderness and brute force (repeat)
She can turn upon a sixpence in the mouth and trousers set
Hit the bill, ring the bell, never spill a sip
And still she knows the kind of tip that she is gonna get
A lot of loose exchanges, precious little respect
When it`s someone else`s weekend
That`s the best you can expect
So fond of the fabric
So fond of fabrication
From comic books to tragic
Through the heart of complications
Meanwhile back in some secluded spot
He says `will you please?` and she says `stop`
If I ever lose this good thing that I’ve got
I never want to hear the song you dedicated tonight
‘Cause I knew that song so long before we met
That it means much more than it might
King Horse Lyrics

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