Elvis Costello & the Attractions Life Shrinks Lyrics

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Elvis Costello & the Attractions Song
Life Shrinks
Lyrics to Life Shrinks
Shall I wear a buttonhole to jog your memory? So you`ll recall the promise That I swore you made to me when we were younger
You look sorry for yourself but what about?
I`m some idea you`re not without a doubt
So you can put away that tongue
I don`t know who I`m trying to kid
I`ll find another name for you
I`ll try to put the blame on you
For everything we did
Life shrinks and before you know it
You have forgotten all the cuts and bruises
Just be thankful we were only fighting for buttons
And you know by now who loses
You`re only half awake because you never go to bed
And when he hears about it
You know then the both of you`s is dead and that`s a promise
You`ll be sorry because I won`t tell you again
You`ll stick like that one day
And if you don`t believe me go and ask St. Thomas
I don`t know where it`s going to stop
Spend your whole time trying to stay
From breaking down or running away
Or trying to keep up
Life Shrinks Lyrics

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