Elvis Costello & the Attractions Living in Paradise Lyrics

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Elvis Costello & the Attractions Song
Living in Paradise
Lyrics to Living in Paradise
I don’t like those other guys looking at your curvesI don’t like you walking ’round with physical jerksEverything they say and do is getting on my nerves
Soon they will be lucky to be picking up the perks’Cause when they pull the shutters down and throw up in the dark
They’ll find that all the dogs outside bite much worse than they bark
Here we are living in paradise, living in luxury
Oh, the thrill is here but it won’t last long
You better have your fun before it moves along
And you’re already looking for another fool like me
I call you Betty Felon ’cause you are a pretty villain
And I think that I should tell them that you’d make a pretty killing
‘Cause meanwhile up in heaven they are waiting at the gate
Saying, “We always knew you’d make it, didn’t think you’d come this late”
And now it’s much too dangerous to stop what you’ve begun
When everyone in paradise carries a gun
Later in the evening when arrangements are made
I’ll be at the keyhole outside your bedroom door
‘Cause I’m the first to know whenever the plans are laid
That never go further than floor to floor
You think that I don’t know the boy that you’re touching
But I’ll be at the video and I will be watching
Living in Paradise Lyrics

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