Elvis Costello & the Attractions Love for Tender Lyrics

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Elvis Costello & the Attractions Song
Love for Tender
Lyrics to Love for Tender
You won`t take my love for tenderYou can put your money where your mouth isBut you`re so unsure
I could be a miser or a big spenderBut you might get much more than you bargained for
Check in on a checkmate
Grassing on a classmate
So beautiful and fortunate
You`re the one who hates to love
But he`s the one who loves to hate
He can fix you all for good
Because he is the neighborhood
You can get money for blood
Blood money for doing no good
Better tell me now, have you made your selection?
Are you ready for correction?
‘Cause the wages of sin are an expensive infection
It`ll make you bankrupt
Better pay up now, don`t interrupt
So in love, I`m so sincere
Just like a well-known financier
You know I’ve never been corrupt
I`ll pay you a compliment
And you`ll think I am innocent
You can total up the balance sheet
And never know if I`m a counterfeit
You won`t take my love for tender…
Love for Tender Lyrics

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