Elvis Costello & the Attractions Moods for Moderns Lyrics

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Elvis Costello & the Attractions Song
Moods for Moderns
Lyrics to Moods for Moderns
[Chorus:]Moods for moderns (x4)
I get hit looking for a missI never thought that it would come to this
Moods for moderns (x4)
Though we may never be the same again
I am so proud that you’ve been taken in vain
What if none of your dreams come true?
I can never run from you
There’s never been a how d’you do
There’s never been an ending
Soon you’ll belong to someone else
And I will be your stranger just pretending
Moods for moderns
Memory lingers
I let you into
Foreign fingers
Moods for moderns (x4)
I never thought that would see the day
I never thought that I would give you away
Moods for moderns
Let them break us
Strong and sudden
Foreign fingers
Moods for Moderns Lyrics

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