Elvis Costello & the Attractions Peace in Our Time Lyrics

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Elvis Costello & the Attractions Song
Peace in Our Time
Lyrics to Peace in Our Time
Out of the aeroplane stepped Chamberlain with a condemned man`s stareBut we all cheered wildly, a photograph was taken,As he waved a piece of paper in the air
Now the Disco Machine lives in Munich and we are all friendsAnd I slip on my Italian dancing shoes as the evening descends
And the bells take their toll once again in victory chime
And we can thank God that we’ve finally got
Peace in our time
There`s a man going round taking names
No matter who you claim to be
As innocent as babies, a mad dog with rabies,
You`re still a part of some conspiracy
Meanwhile there`s a light over the ocean
Burning brighter than the sun
And a man sits alone in a bar and says “Oh God,
What have we done?”
They`re lighting a bonfire upon every hilltop in the land
Just another tiny island invaded when he`s got
The whole world in his hands
And the Heavyweight Champion fights in the
International propaganda Star Wars
There`s already one spaceman in the White House
What do you want another one for?
Peace in Our Time Lyrics

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