Elvis Costello & the Attractions You Little Fool Lyrics

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Elvis Costello & the Attractions Song
You Little Fool
Lyrics to You Little Fool
Daddy’s best girl in the world is not supposed to have a boyfriendBut she’s never wanted at homeOther girls are allowed to wear their makeup
She sneaks out her lipstick, powder, and combShe surrounds his name with hearts and flowers
Talks on the telephone for hours and hours
But with the bird in his hand
And two on a string
The words of love have an imitation ring
You little fool, you little fool
I suppose that you’re going to stay all night
You little fool
Don’t look at me that way; you know it isn’t right
You little fool
They say no news is good news
The little girl wants information
Mother just gives her some pills to choose
And says go and use your imagination
Daddy’s best girl in the world says, “Just look what I have got.”
As she sits beside him on the high stool
With his arm around her neck, snowball in one hand
And the other full of imitation jewels
She fingers a string of pearls
An imitation but he’ll never know it
Imitation lashes flutter above
Looking for an imitation of love
You Little Fool Lyrics

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