Eric Clapton One More Chance Lyrics

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Eric Clapton Song
One More Chance
Lyrics to One More Chance
Give me one more chance to make it up to you.
Give me one more chance to show what I can do.
Let me prove to you that my love is strong.
Won’t you come back home, that’s where you belong.
Oh baby, won’t you give me one more chance?
Won’t you give me one more chance?
Well, the sun won’t shine and it refuse to rain,
And I bang my heard, but I feel no pain.
Then I tell myself that I could start anew,
But I know darn well it all depends on you.
So if you hear this song, you might change your mind
And give a thought to me, I won’t be hard to find,
And I’ll promise you to do the best I can,
Change my evil ways and be your ……
One More Chance Lyrics

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