Frank Sinatra All My Tomorrows Lyrics

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Frank Sinatra Song

All My Tomorrows

Lyrics to All My Tomorrows

Today I may not have a thing at all except for just a dream or two
But I’ve got lots of plans for tomorrow and all my tomorrows belong to you
Right now it may not seem like spring at all, we’re drifting and the laughs are few

But I’ve got rainbows planned for tomorrow, and all my tomorrows belong to you
No one knows better than I that luck keeps passing me by … that’s fate

But with you there at my side, I’ll soon be turning the tide … just wait
As long as I’ve got arms that cling at all, it’s you that I’ll be clinging to
And all the dreams I dream, beg, or borrow on some bright tomorrow they’ll all come true
And all my bright tomorrows belong to you

All My Tomorrows Lyrics

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