Frank Sinatra I’ll Wind Lyrics

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Frank Sinatra Song

I’ll Wind

Lyrics to I’ll Wind

(Arlen, Ted Koehler)

Blow ill wind,

Blow away,
Let me rest today.

You’re blowin’ me no good,
No good.

Go ill wind,
Go away,
Skies are oh so gray
Around my neighborhood,
And that ain’t good

You’re only misleadin’ the sunshine I’m needin’,
Ain’t that a shame
It’s so hard to keep up with troubles that creep up
From out of nowhere,
When love’s to blame.

So ill wind, blow away.
Let me rest today.
You’re blowin’ me no good.

[Musical interlude]

So, ill wind, blow away,
Please let me rest today.
You’re blowing me no good, no good, no good.

I’ll Wind Lyrics

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