Gogol Bordello Forces Of Victory Lyrics

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Gogol Bordello Song
Forces Of Victory
Lyrics to Forces Of Victory
My dear good friend
Let’s not forget
That we can take down Pinotchet
Against us any gang of four
Will be on the floor
When I was younger I thought
Someday that we will win
And in another country
I will find my twin
Spread good music and good poetry
Joining forces of the victory
Down in the hallways of unknown
Where we walk alone
Inside of hospitals and morgue
Clinical loneliness backs off…
If you’ll remember those before
and the ones that yet to come
then above suffer of it all
Triumphs the union of souls
With only one thing on its mind
I can’t go on, I will go on!
With only one thing on it’s mind
I can’t go on I will go on
I can’t go on I will go on…
Forces Of Victory Lyrics

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