Gogol Bordello Mussolini Vs. Stalin Lyrics

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Gogol Bordello Song
Mussolini Vs. Stalin
Lyrics to Mussolini Vs. Stalin
Mussolini was a-shavin’, whistlin’ Tarantella,
Stalin was keeping eye on barbeque
When their fish line bell started to jingle,
Mussolini caught a-nothin’, Stalin caught two
You know my friend, It’s a kind of pretty,
Said Josef Stalin and loosened up his straps
Mussolini turn to him, with a restling glitter
Mussolini turn to him, and then, then he said: Yah!
Mussolini said Yaaaah Yah Yaaah Yah
Mussolini said Yaaaah Yah Yaaah Yaaah
Mussolini said Yaaaah Yaah Yah Yah Yaah
Mussolini Vs. Stalin Lyrics

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