Justin Bieber Time For Bed Lyrics

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Justin Bieber Song
Time For Bed
Lyrics to Time For Bed
What you wanna do girl
We’ve been on the phone
We’ve been sending texts
When you coming through girl?
I don’t wanna talk
I just wanna see what’s next
Girl, bring your behind to me
I promise to give you what you need
Tell me your fantasies
And I guarantee that you won’t ever wanna leave
So listen you on your way
Cause I know I’m turning you on
Name no play like foreplay
At 3 o’clock in the morn’
And it ain’t no way the neighbors ain’t gon’ hear all that moaning
And that screaming
Are you ready baby?
Girl I think it’s time for bed
But I ain’t tryna go to sleep
So just bring your body to me
Cause it’s time for bed
See I’m gon’ give you what I need
When we’re rolling our bodies to jeans
Cause it’s time for bed
Time for bed
Girl it’s time for bed
Time for bed
Girl it’s time for bed
Time for bed
And I know that I can turn you on
Guess til forever til the early morning
And I don’t know if you’re on the streets no more
I’m gonna swear that you be going back at me for more
Time For Bed Lyrics

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