Justin Timberlake The Pathway To The Moon Lyrics

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Justin Timberlake Song

The Pathway To The Moon

Lyrics to The Pathway To The Moon

You known
Eternity is forever
Time and space have no boundaries

Forever awaits eternal
You’re so beautiful

An ocean wind blows soft tonight
A lovers moon lays down its light
Like a path upon a shiny sea
An invitation for two souls
To see where the horizon goes
The future reaches out for you and me

[Refrain] :
So take my hand
Take this heart
Forever waiting just below the stars
Heaven’s light will be setting soon
Tonight let’s take the pathway to the moon

It seems like we could walk on water
Never slip and nerver falter
Maybe that is just the power of love
The waves are singing out our song
And before the break of dawn
We will promise to the moon above


The Pathway To The Moon Lyrics

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