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Lyrics to Anything

I’d risk everything
For one kiss, everything

Yes I’d do anything

Anything, for you

[Verse 1]
Go DJ, cause that’s my DJ
No more producer so, that’s my DJ
I know the story, same song, that’s a replay
We pressing fast forward
This ain’t the last straw
We all ready to shit, don’t need an asshole
And if you feeling froggy, leap you little tadpole
Yea it’s that cold
But I’m so family fam-o
Got ’em on my back like a camel
I say I got them on my back like ammo
Stop the sweating, damn where did all your fans go?
Cash Money Millionaires, straight cash flow
We don’t need nobody else, Lil Weezy got the cash flow
Yea, so flow on lil nigga
Got the company, I can throw on my own lil niggas
And ya’ll can team up and come on lil niggas
Ah, stop crying, what’s wrong lil niggas?


[Verse 2]
Hey, the situation ain’t all that
And bitches say your conversation ain’t all that
And we ain’t got the time of day for all that
So bitch nigga get your money and fall back
And in the long run, they gone crawl back
But ya’ll got problems Einstein couldn’t solve Jack
Don’t take it personal, somebody had to jump up
And I happen to have a broom to come and sweep the mess up
It’s me
Baby and that’s me
And maybe you’ll diss me
But fuck it, then it’s beef
We laughing at you clowns
You niggas got that hating season passing it around
But we still got caskets in the basement
Burners on the counters and tats on our faces
Yea this is what you want
You said it was a publicity stunt
Well bitch I’m a stunner
(The son of a stunna)


Anything Lyrics

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