Lil’ Wayne Big Tigger Live On The Radio Lyrics

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Lil’ Wayne Song

Big Tigger Live On The Radio

Lyrics to Big Tigger Live On The Radio

[Big Tigger:] -A U Lockdown Ta The South To W.B.I.T.C.H Were The W Stands Fo Wahh! Hit Us At 180-Nobitch Wut Happenin
[Caller:] -Hello
[Big Tigger:] -Yo

[Caller:] -Yeh Man Check This Shit Out I Went To The Concert Last Night U Know The After Party And The Niggas Put On Rashed’s Shit
[Big Tigger:] -Roc Master Rashed?

[Caller:] -Yeah U Know Wut I Mean Ain’t Nobody Move Noboby Did Shit But When They Put Wayne’s Shit On Everybody U Know Tvs Fell Down Mutha F**Kin Helicopters Come From The F**Kin Sky Twirlin An Shit Niggas Throwin Money Every Goddamn Were But U Know Rashed Mandat Nigga U Know Put Countryness In Rappin He Want Ta Save The Whales Dosomethin From The F**Kin Earth
[Big Tigger:] -Yeah He Ain’t Bringin That Heat Like 500 Degreezdats Wut We Got Right Heh With Lil Wayne And Cash Money Caller 2 Get Up Out Ahh Heh

Big Tigger Live On The Radio Lyrics

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