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Lyrics to Ether


[Lil Wayne talking]

Haters nigga… Squad Up nigga
(“Fuck Jay-Z”)

Naw my nigga I fucks wit Jay-Z Sorry you know what I’m sayin
(“Fuck Jay-Z”)
No no no I fucks wit the homie man…sorry no
(“Fuck Jay-Z”)
Yes we bout to squad this thing out baby Ya’ll ready to squad wit me
Then throw yo guns in the air mu-fucka
If you aint got a gun get the fuck up outta here mu-fucka
Cause we gon’ bust it in ya head mu-fucka
We here mu-fucka yes this is the squad right here
Dawg And no the rhyme aint even start yet bitch
But here we go, come on Wayne
I, young money boy Lil’ Weezy
Hold it for A and Eagle
Cash Money cross the belly
Cash Money Makaveli
We get that fetti fellas we bump that Roc-a-fella
We got it pumpin holla back we crack rocafellas
Nigga my tires better, I’m on them monsta bellas
I got that brown boy or that white consuella
Fee this shit over I got us thats a promise
Let’s go cop two new rovers drop it on Magic Johnsons
Thats 32’s for fools stick to them stuntin’ rules
500 up in ya tummy can you stomach dude
S Q my young’n crew we paid our fuckin dues
Thats why yo bitch is over here suckin and fuckin dudes
Ya’ll niggas want a war bring it it’s nothing dude
This shit too hot to relax bitch dont get comfortable
I fuck with super sammy blanco and fuck the bull
Hydro I puff and pull until I’m duckin full
What are you fuckin crazy come on its Weezy baby

No for real bitch its Weezy baby

Call me bad Wayne and I’m like Max Payne
The sickest shit to hit since anthrax came
I leave you with a tampax frame all bloody
Just stand back man y’all dont want it
But damn that man I come thru and do my Grand Theft thang
My cran-ap tan cap slant back thang
My hustle game up plus my flow that ugly
Just call me Mitchell and Ness I got throwback money
I got that um all good if its no crack money
I got that hes all good he dont need to show that money
I blow that money cause I know that money
Hit the club and wild out and go and throw that money
If that bitch on 21’s then you know thats money
I’m a pimp I’m bout to perm it out and bullrush somthin
You a snitch you probably hit the court and burn dude
Thats that Weezy the shit that make yo soul burn slow

Fuck Ya …S Q A D Holla at ya boy

[lil Wayne talking]

They cant fuck wit me man
I dont Dawg I dont see em fuckin wit ya nigga right here
Ya know what I’m sayin
Call me the throwback youngn
Bitch everytime you see me I’m in the 70’s ho
You dont know if its a jersey or the pimp game bitch
Or it might just be the shit I got in my back pocket
Know what I’m sayin In the balloon or the silver pack
What you how you want it nigga? Huh?
How you want it dawg?
It’s whateva we got it nigga from 64’s to bentleys
To porsches nigga to the to the to the fuckin g-wag
You dont see a g-wag in the city unless its Weezy
And that white lady but we dont know her You know what I’m sayin?
Thats how we doin it dawg
This ya boy right here Man I’m holdin it down for the N.O.
And when you come past here you entering my home nigga
I I run New Orleans east I’m a 17 nigga but I run tha East Man
You know what I’m sayin
So So when you get to sheps think of Weezy man
Know you steppin into Weezy territory
You more than welcome to come holla at me man
I got whatever you need
Holla at ya people man
Squad up I see y’all baby its all love dawg

Ether Lyrics

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