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Lyrics to Famous

I Spit That Get Back, I’m Intact, Infact the Author Is Authentic [x3],
All You Slick like Syntec, Inject, Even the Paralyzed feel my impact,
as I skim back over the lines that on the page im lyin I dont write,

I Get High And Ignite, I Got A Serious Mental Plan And Dental Plan,
And You Dont Want To Bring The Giant Out Of A Gentleman,

Gee Golly Gigabytes and A Gorillas hand,
to the side of a niggas face like i don’t give a damn,
and if he’s with his mans and them, i’ll put his plans and limbs,
all over his pants and Timbs,
And I Wasn’t fortunate to grow up like The Sims but instead i blew up before i grew up,
I Spend 8 And Put 2 Up,Cuz You Never Know When You Have To Do What,
Who When Do You, And You, And You Too, Woo Hoo,
Im Coo Coo Like Birds With My Words,
I’m Poo Poo Meaning I’m the Shit on You Terds,
Yes and I Get on Your Nerves [x3]
and Sit on Your Mind like Piss on the Curb,
Bitch [x2]
Disturb Me [x2]
While I’m Work King [x2]
You Are Just another Earthling,
I’m In the Game, Shit I Must Be First String;
I like My Tugs Baggy and My Turf Clean, Check My Pattern Scheme,
I Probably Have on Rocks from the Moon and Saturn’s Ring,
Um Whose Badder Give Em a Ladder,
Tell Em Climb On Up Here and Watch Me Get at Her,
The Badder Part about It Is These Niggas Hate,

[Verse 1:]
But They Wont Even Get a Bar on My Mixtape I’m probably on a Boat Feeding the Bitch Grapes and Crepes,
By The Way that’s French Pancakes,
De Pellön Fronce tré Bien, Gosor Adur Sur Le Bien,
Pardon My French, Pardon the Stench, But I Smoke That Grench until My Eyes Squench, I Mean Squint, I’m So Bent like a Dent, But Bitch I’m Still No Clark Kent

[Chorus: x2]
And My Momma Used To Tell me Not To Let No Body Fuck With Me, It’s Stuck With Me, I Keep it real To The World, Publicly, Unbelievable

[Verse 2: Chopped Up]
Bitches Say They Love U But They Hate U, And They Say That Its All Apart Of Our Animal Nature, Son Just Watch Your Damn Behavior, Cuz Every Animal Has A Tamer, I Come from Where The Gangstas Came From, Go Down Like The Rain That The Drain Sucks, God Damn The Game Sucks, Thank God Im Famous

Famous Lyrics

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